Levitation Magic Tricks – Impress People by Making Stuff Drift

Levitation magic tricks are scorching in magic. They are a sure fire way to get reactions from your friends and colleagues.

What To Levitate

if on stage magicians usually levitate people. I don’t want to go into too much detail about how they do this, but let me say this much: If you see somebody floating, one of two things are going on. They are either suspended by some sort of hidden line (usually piano line) or there is something supporting them that you don’t see.

If they are suspended by line, the background can help hide it from your eyes. In either case, hoops can be manipulated to look like they are passing around an object, while actually dodging the wires or supports.

Close-Up Levitations

If you’re reading this article, you’ll probably have more opportunity to perform what are known as close-up levitations than levitations on a stage. Close-up levitations include coins, cards, dollar bills, cigarettes, and more.

How They’re Done

Most often, close-up levitations are practiced with the aid of what magicians call “invisible thread.” Of course, it isn’t really invisible, it’s just really, really thin. In fact, when you first buy it, it’s bundled into about forty strands.

When you separate one of those strands, you have a piece of “invisible” thread. Many people purchase this type of thread in magic shops, but you don’t really need to. If you purchase some sewing thread known as “Wooly Nylon,” in the color black, it’s the same thing.

The “Hookups”

There are two very well-known ways to connect your thread to the object you’re levitating. Both use cellophane tape rolled into a ball at one end. This ball goes into your mouth, between your cheek and your gum. It’s not as gross as it sounds, and you can still talk.

The first way to hook your thread up is to tape or tie it directly to the object. This works very well for objects made of anything other than paper. For paper objects, another method works better.

Connect the “non-mouth” end of your thread to another object. A wall, a table, a deck of cards…

or even another person! That way, you can wrap your bill (or whatever) around the thread, and make the object float that way.

Once your object is floating, you can form your fingers into a hoop that you move around the object in such a way as to effectively dodge the thread.
levitation magic
coin magic
levitation magic

Best of luck with your levitation magic tricks and card magic.

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